Construction Management and Field Services

Stratus personnel have been providing high quality construction management services to both public and private clients since its inception in 1999. Construction management in the area of remediation system installation is critical to ensure the design specifications are implemented accurately and expenditures are kept within budget.

Stratus manages both large and small construction projects and routinely obtains construction related permits, handles project scheduling, and the coordination and management of all subcontractors.


Once a remediation system is installed, operation and maintenance (O&M) services are necessary to keep the system running efficiently. Stratus specializes in performing these duties  and  our  staff have the necessary background and expertise not only to perform routine O&M duties, but also  to troubleshoot, optimize, repair, refurbish, and calibrate the treatment systems, in order to maximize system performance, achieve a high percentage of operational up-time, and to assure compliance with agency directives and permits.

At Stratus, we understand how seemingly routine monitoring and sampling activities can significantly impact remediation design and site closure decisions; therefore, we maintain a culture that stresses the importance of field sampling and its implications on the overall project objectives.

Stratus' field technicians have years of experience, and are proficient at a variety of sampling techniques and field activities including:

  • Groundwater monitoring and sampling using low flow purge,

  • Remedial system sampling (both water and vapor),

  • Soil vapor and indoor air sampling per Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC} guidance,

  • Well development,

  • Compliance soil and water sampling for Underground Storage Tank (UST} removal,

  • Surface water and storm water runoff sampling,

  • Solid waste stream sampling, and

  • Wellhead maintenance and repair