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Madhavaram Common Effluent Treatment Plant

Stratus has been retained by Madhavaram Common Effluent Treatment Plant (MCTEP) to provide operation and maintenance services. MCTEP is owned and operated by a group of leather tanning and manufacturing industries that transport the waste water generated in their plants to MCTEP. Stratus has been tasked with optimization of the plant operation, (maintaining machinery and operators) and compliance with local Pollution Control Board regulations. The plant currently operates at 400 cubic meters per day and is looking to expand to 1000 cubic meters per day. Stratus has created an operation and maintenance manual for the plant, identified optimum dosage for the settling tanks and clarifiers, indexed cost of operation, and trained operators. In addition, in collaboration with IITM, Stratus is researching and identifying alternative technologies to reduce the chemical and biological demand in the effluent stream while keeping the sludge generation to a minimum.


Madhavaram Treatment Plant

  • Site Characterization (Phase I)

  • Site Investigation (Phase II)

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