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Clients, Alliances and Collaborations

  • Bharat Petroleum Corporation

  • Indian Oil Corporation Ltd

  • Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd

  • Greater Chennai Corporation 

  • Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

  • Tata Consulting Services

  • Madhavaram Common Effluent Treatment Plant

  • Kanchipuran Dyers Association

  • Vardhaman Engineering Corporation

  • NACL Industries Ltd

  • State of Telengana

  • Ennore Thermal Power Station

  • Lotus Pond Residential Complex

  • Karaipudur Textile, Tirupur

World Peace

Stratus has successfully established a relationship with Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IITM), a premier technical university, to provide environmental consulting services to various industries in India. Stratus, together with IITM faculty, has provided consulting services to assess contamination to soil and groundwater due to improper discharge of waste water from ETPs operating at textile, tanning, pharmaceutical, and fertilizer industries. Simultaneously, Stratus and IITM are working with industrialists to optimize performance of existing ETPs with modern technologies. Stratus is providing the specialized instrumentation, experienced personnel, equipment, and machinery, necessary to support IITM's consulting efforts. Stratus has also teamed up with IITM to sample the dredged material being stockpiles along the banks of the Coovam river. The objectives of this sampling activity are to analyze for the presence of contaminants, evaluate short and long term risks, if any and to study if the dredged material can be re-used as building material.

IITs are considered the country's finest technical institutions to which millions of students aspire to attend. IITs in India are in the same mold and have the same brand value as Stanford, MIT or Harvard in the United States. Today, the IITs have a reputation of being among the very best engineering institutions in the world and have become a globally recognized brand of academic excellence. Over the years IITs has been focused on conducting research to develop industry specific solutions for environmental issues facing India. Recently, IITs have been tasked by regulatory agencies and central government of India, to create a repository of viable remedial technologies to aid both the industry and pollution control boards to improve quality of life and reduce contamination. In addition, they have been tasked to create a technology center that will serve as a platform for dissemination of information and training for the industry. IITs have also been requested to assist in the development of tenders and RFPs, and subsequent evaluation of submittals.

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