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Stratus has significant experience in design, operation and maintenance of sewage treatment plant (STP) at various locations in India. With the establishment of stratus India office, we have gained knowledge in sewage treatment plant operations. Collaborating with Indian Institute of Technology-Madras (IITM) Stratus intends to maintain and operate STP’s installed for various residential apartments and commercial complexes.


  • Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants

  • Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plants

The operation of such plants demands comprehensive expertise and a systematic approach to investments in property, plant and equipment. As a result of our business and technical know-how, we can offer our customers efficient operational management of the highest standard. We undertake overall responsibility for the technical or commercial management of water and wastewater treatment plants.

We guarantee process safety, quality and optimization in chemical dosage with increased efficiency.

CONSULTING We offer consulting for the management of water technology plants. In addition to an appropriate analysis of current plant status, we are guiding to:

  • Check the adequacy of treatment plant capacity

  • Suggesting suitable treatment technologies

Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) (Small Scale)


Stratus undertakes operational management within the framework of service contract. We operate plants in teamwork with the existing human resources. We offer operational management that is both cost-efficient and professional.

To operate and maintenance an STP we intend to:

  • Review the performance of the treatment plant based on analytical results

  • Optimization of chlorine for disinfectant

  • Submit the performance report to Pollution Control Board every month

  • Manage client STP operation staff who are managing day to day operations


With water resources dwindling and the growth rate of urban areas increasing at an alarming rate, along with increased competition for clean, safe and reliable raw water sources, management of existing water resources is a challenge and becoming more difficult day-by-day to meet increasing water demands, with many clients in India are now considering recycling and reuse of high quality treated wastewater for non-portable, industrial and/or indirect portable  (source water augmentation) purposes.

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